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Friday Feeling – 8th October 2021

There are at least two types of ‘Friday Feelings’ and deciding which is the more enjoyable is probably dependent on the differing stand points of players and coaches, officials and supporters. 

For those of us who really don’t do very much other than follow Caldy around the country a Friday ahead of a home match is generally a calm and relaxing affair. We can survey the pitch conditions, experience the local weather first-hand and ease into Friday evening with a bottle of wine contemplating what is to come on a match day amongst the Caldy rugby community.

The anticipation of an away fixture brings with it an altogether different Friday Feeling. It can a bit more stressful. There are things to do and some of them are complex. The Irish coffee and cake (including a gluten free alternative), travelling aperitifs, and a selection of suitable return journey sustenance doesn’t just happen for Caldy as it used to. Losing the lynchpin of the travelling Caldy Executive team has been difficult, even more so when we know another local club will now be enjoying the world’s best Eccles Cakes.

But tomorrow we are at home, and it is our visitors Chinnor RFC who will embarking on a 200-mile coach journey to the Wirral. Chinnor is a great community club based in the prosperous part of England embracing all the values which we at Caldy hold dear as their excellent picture montage brilliantly demonstrates. 

We hope that Chinnor have a safe and enjoyable trip north to the Wirral. Whilst those of us attending the pre match lunch at Caldy will be enjoying the company of Big Degs and perhaps a pre match libation from his hugely generous hip flask.

Head Coach Matt Cairns has selected the following squad for the match against Chinnor which kicks off at Paton Field at 3 pm:

1. Rushton 2. Hearn 3. Parker 4. Dickinson S 5. Sanders T 6. Ridgway 7. Davidson 8. Dickinson JJ 9. Ainscough 10. Wyman 11. Royle 12. Barlow 13. Titherington 14. Jones B 15. Gourlay 16. Sanders J 17. Clarke 18. Jones D 19. Aigbokhae 20. Cartmill

Caldy’s XV are back in action this week in the Halbro Cup against Cheshire rivals Sandbach. Coach Andrew Soutar has selected the following squad for the game which also kicks off at 3pm at Paton Field.

1.Williams T 2. Chandigere 3. Bretherton 4. Smale 5. Williams A 6. Olyott 7. Sanders Jack 8. Spencer Wolfe 9. Murray 10. Hinchcliffe 11. Jones M 12. Lewtas 13. Robinson 14. Keegan – Jones 15. Issacs 17. Mountney 18. Ovien 19. Hardisty 20. Wilson 21. Bradshaw 22. Doyle 23. Weir 24. Saverimutto 25. Williams K

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