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‘A Walk for Justin’ for the MND Association

On the 7th December, Paul MacDonald ( Junior Chairman ), Carl Porschke ( ex 1st team player and most successful 3rd team manager ) and Kim Matthews ( Mini Chairman ) are going to be walking 35 miles to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease ( same disease as Rob Burrows and Doddie Weir ).
All 3 of us work for Princes foods in Liverpool and have had the pleasure over many years of working with a great man called Justin Hammond. Justin is one of our Sales Directors who, around 18 months ago, was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease ( MND ).
Justin was/is a legend, someone whose heart was always in the right place and who could happily take the abuse and banter sent his way.
Unfortunately, this cruel MND disease has really taken hold, and he is now unable to function much and is now being fed by a feeding tube. Heartbreaking in every way.
On the 7th December, we will be walking Justin’s old commute from Liverpool to Sale in Manchester, which is a 35-mile walk. We will be starting at 5 am from the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool so pray for good weather. 35 miles is ALOT of steps for Carl’s little legs.
Times are hard for everyone, but if you can donate to this very close to my heart cause, it would be very much appreciated.

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