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Rest in Peace – Simon Burrows

We regret to inform members that Simon Burrows has recently passed away at the age of 82.

Simon played social rugby for Old Caldeians in his late teenage and early 20’s before moving to Toronto in Canada, but always retained an interest in Caldy visiting normally at least twice a year until relatively recently. He was also a keen golfer having retained country memberships at both Caldy & Royal Liverpool Golf Clubs.

Simon was the younger brother of John Burrows who died a few years ago and is survived by his sister who lives locally.

Our thoughts are with Simon’s family at this time

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  1. I’m Sarah, John’s daughter. Caldy was important to them both main conversation when they where together. Thank you for the post it’s so nice to hear they are remembered. My family up in Cumbria and Jonathan’s in USA still follow how you are doing. Keep up the good work and love the plans for the new clubhouse.

    1. Hi Sarah
      I’m Doug Thomas and a good friend of your dad’s. We spent many an hour together following Caldy and I remember meeting you and your son on occasion when playing in “God’s own country”.
      I’ve also met up with Jonathan and his family a couple of times when Malise and I were In Vermont.
      In 2019 we were able to meet up with Uncle Simon in Toronto. He was a great host and we even ended up on a yacht trip around the harbour. We had a visit to his home, a somewhat eccentric bachelor pad complete with lift and “escape” tunnel!
      RIP Simon.
      Please pass on my best wishes to your mum.

    2. Hi Sarah I was a friend of both your Dad and Simon I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I was wondering if you could text or email me, rather than having to go through the Caldy club Web site.
      My details are as follows:
      Mobile Tel. 07887 768141
      Best wishes
      Simon Jarrett

  2. I was sorry to read the sad news of Simon’s passing; he was a good friend, always an engaging smile and that wonderful hearty baritone laugh.

    I had the opportunity to stay with him when I went to Canada some years ago. My visit coincided with a reunion tour of many of his old Toronto Rugby Club team mates, they number about thirty in total, and came from all over the world. Simon had helped to co-ordinate this gathering and arranged numerous rounds of golf, pub crawls, meals, barbecues etc.

    Some of the tourists expressed a desire see the new T.R.C facilities that had been developed since their playing days. Simon explained that it was unlikely that the club would be open during the week, however, he was persuaded by a number of his ex team mates to take us down there and was surprised to find some sort of function going on with many smartly dressed attendees. We were greeted cordially with warm handshakes and provided with complementary drinks and nibbles however the atmosphere seemed a little constrained. It slowly began to dawn upon us that we had gate crashed a wake!!! We politely offered our condolences and left as discreetly as possible considering we were all wearing shorts, tour shirts and flip flops.

    I’ll miss you mate what a host.

    Cheers Simon J.

    1. I hope it’s too late to express my love for Simon and all the effort he put into misspending my youth way back in the mid-60s . Never got to visit him in Canada but maintained a distant sort of contact over the years and will miss the terror of more recent times when, having a quiet drink at the Caldy bar, a tap on the shoulder and a booming, “Owen! What are you having to drink 😱” announced his return to our happy hunting grounds of yore as if it were only yesterday 😲
      A larger than life character and just impossible to forget ♥

      1. Pete
        Spot on a lovely man and never happier than when he was propping the bar up at the Club expounding on the subject of the day. Can’t think of him without remembering his Brother John the quiet man but a great Caldy Clubman.

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