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That Friday Feeling – 9th December 2022

Championship league action returns to Paton Field tomorrow with the second visit of the season by Cornish Pirates. A month ago, the most southernly side in the Championship enjoyed their first visit to Paton Field with a hard fought 26-7 win over Caldy in the Championship Cup. Alan Paver’s side made a slow start to the season but their win at Paton Field was a showcase for their Championship credentials and they will looking to improve on their mid-table position with an away bonus point win over the Ravers.

Last Saturday, the Ravers left the capital pointless after a difficult game on a difficult day against a rejuvenated and reinforced London Scottish side who recorded their first win of the campaign. The disappointed Caldy contingent suffered a further setback when their train back to Liverpool was cancelled. Without the intervention of their coach driver from Euston to the Richmond Athletic Ground there was the prospect of all 35 Caldy players and support staff spending an evening in a bus shelter. Coach driver Mark enabled all to safely return to the increasingly cold Wirral.

The Ravers will need all the support that the Wirral can muster if they are to record their first home win in the Championship.

Head coach Matt Cairns has picked the following squad for the league match against Cornish Pirates which kicks off at 2 pm.

1. N Rushton 2. O Hearn 3. R Higginson 4. S Dickinson 5. T Sanders 6. M Gerrard 7. C Ridgway 8. JJ Dickinson 9. C Pilgrim 10. E Hinchcliffe 11. B Jones 12. M Cartmill  13. D Bibby 14. N Royle 15. E Gourlay 16. A. Aigbokhae 17. E Caine 18. A Darlington 19 T. Parry 20. N Thomas 21. R Hayes 22.M Barlow 23. H. Crowe

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