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That Friday Feeling – 18th November 2022

After last week’s disappointing home loss against Cornish Pirates in the Championship Cup, Caldy are on their travels to play a Friday evening cup game against Richmond at the Richmond Athletic Ground. Early in the season Caldy picked up their first victory at Championship level against Richmond which was marked by one of the most spectacular individual tries ever scored by any player at any level, (and that includes Gareth Edwards’ iconic try against Scotland in 1972!)

Intercepting a potential scoring pass made well within the Caldy 22 metre area Nick Royle lit up the after burners to beat 5 would be Richmond tacklers on his way to a score in the corner.

Tonight’s game provides an opportunity for two emerging talents in Ryen Spencer-Wolfe and Tom Fletcher to make their debut appearances at the Championship level.

Head coach Matt Cairns has picked the following squad for the match at the famous Richmond Athletic Ground

1. A. Aigbokhae 2. O Hearn 3. A Darlington 4. M Gerrard 5. T Sanders 6. H Crowe 7. C Ridgway 8. JJ Dickinson 9. J Murray 10. E Hinchcliffe 11. B Jones 12. M Barlow 13. M Cartmill 14. N Royle 15. D Bibby 17. T Clarke. 18. N Rushton 19 S. Olyott 20. R Spencer- Wolfe 21. C Pilgrim 22. T Fletcher 23. R Hayes

The match against Richmond which kicks off at 7.30 is being screened live in the clubhouse, which will be open from 7 pm with the kitchen and the bar of course open. Tomorrow the clubhouse will be open from 12.30 for the screening of the Autumn international matches.

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