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Message from Gareth Davies – Director of Rugby

The season has more than exceeded our wildest expectations. I could not be prouder of the squad and club we have all built and the work we have done both on and off the pitch. Whatever happens this weekend that will not change.

We are lucky to have such a fantastic group of people running the club without whom we could not have reached these heights. There are lots of great people working behind the scenes to make this all work and for that I will be forever grateful.
Matt Rich Sooty and CJ have done an exceptional job and we are lucky to have them as coaches striving to improve everyone as people and players.
Last but not least, full credit has to be given to the players for what they have achieved on the field and the way they have conducted themselves in a tough year post COVID. This is a special group of friends who started a tough journey in July last year and will finish at home this Saturday.


Gareth Davies

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