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Answers to LOSW Quiz

For those of you who attempted to unravel the demented mind of the quizmaster, here are the answers to the first quiz. A second one will follow shortly

  1. Lynn Ridgway….Not difficult
  2. Gary Devaney… Dorian “Gray” …sidestep=evady +NY mixed up
  3. Wylies.. Canis Latrans=coyote, supporters, props + Ben at Fullback
  4. Matt Cairns.. Too easy
  5. 5 Nick Royle.. an old quid is a sovereign, and a sovereign is a Royal
  6. J.J. -two birds & one over the eight
  7. Derek Salisbury- a bit easy
  8. Roger Flashman.. another easy one
  9. Tim Kilpatrick… and another easy one
  10. Sooty… Steptoe’ son Harry H.Corbett .. his namesake had Sooty as his prop.
  11. Tom Sanders… doesn’t need a lot of thought
  12. Rhys Hayes… Slightly more convoluted…fortified wine, sherry minus a “r” mixed with a Shay (an old carriage!)
  13. John Butler …sorry John!
  14. Colin Free. M&S had a popular green catapillar Cake called Colin
  15. A bit Sneeky …Colin Free again..”Colin”was a 2008 zombie film shown at Cannes Film Festival,where it received a high rating!! (Don’t go out at night with him!!!)

If you got them all right (It is as a result of a warped mind) then you might try your luck at the next quiz which will be on the website this weekend.

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