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Answers to LOSW Quiz number 2

Hereare the answers to the LOSW Quiz Number 2 directly from the mouth of our demented quiz master!!

  1. Wrex ham
  2. Warring ton
  3. Black burn
  4. Hull … one for the food Preparers
  5. Convoluted.. Work, Ply-Dentist Work- Mouth Old England- Albion
  6. More the fellas this one — Water Loo
  7. Prest on Grasshoppers
  8. Old Ham
  9. Mold – Shapemaker, mould minus you.
  10. Heaton Moor.. Sorry!!
  11. Shrews bury
  12. Fylde!! (never could spell
  13. Eccles .. who else
  14. Old Albanians
  15. Hoy Lake
  16. Old Rock Ferr (y) ians
  17. High Town
  18. Southpaw T
  19. Wil (m) slow
  20. (H) Otley Say it slowly!

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