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Last of the Summer Wine Quiz

While we are all locked down or up The last of the summer wine have decided to do a quiz . It is a Bit Arty- Farty..A bit Obscure … And the Product of a Weird Mind

The answers to  these questions are all People from the Rugby Club, Answers and Logic?!! in a Fortnight.

  1. A Lake on the High Road???
  2. After Oscar’s Dorian Gets mixed up he manages to upset New York in a sidestep & becomes the boss!
  3. Animated Canis Latrans: Three supporters & a fullback
  4. These stone Mounds look a bit Dull.
  5. Did he steal an old quid?
  6. Sounds Like Two avians had one drink too many
  7. Does this crane operate in Zimbabwe?
  8. OK… Over and Out for this Bright Chap.
  9. Does The Talking clock murder the Irishman?
  10. The Rag and Bone man’s son had a dark Pal.
  11. Jerry’s nemesis could do some smoothing work with these.
  12. Take an “R” out of the fortified wine then mix it all together in an old Carriage.
  13. Would the Servant come after the Toilet?
  14. The caterpillar Cake comes at no cost
  15. Not a lot of people know this but he is a zombie who does not charge!!!

Now you know that we do on a Tursday and Thursday !!

From the LOSW

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