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Volunteers needed

Over that last few years, the “Last of the Summer Wine” who look after our pitches, Provide Wood for the fires, Mark out 16 mini, junior and full-size pitches, Empty Bins and generally look after the club have lost several members who have passed away or are no longer fit to do the work. This has meant that the work load has fallen on fewer and fewer volunteers, the oldest being 91!! This season Dicky Smith has had to step back and pass on the management of the ground to Phil Wylie, Dickey has been Ground Chairman for over 20 years, but like all of us time catches up with us all. Dicky will still come up and help.

If any member who is retired or can spend time at the club on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, please get in touch with Phil Wylie on 07927 505528 you help will be appreciated. As a bonus to anyone volunteering the role of Tractor Driver is on offer!!

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