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Notice is hereby given of the 96th Annual General Meeting of the above club to be held on 5th November 2020. This meeting will have to be a virtual meeting due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the meeting will now include the administration and Financial AGM. The reports will be made available before the meeting and “FULLY PAID” up members can submit questions to the officers of the club before the meeting. Please submit your questions to

The meeting will cover the following:

1. To read the notice convening the Meeting.

2. Approve the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

3. The Senior and Communities Treasurer’s Reports 

4. The Director of Rugby’s Report

5. The Senior Section and Community section Chairman ‘s Reports

6. The election of Officers of the Club for the season – See nominations below, all other representatives on committees will be nominated by the respective committee 

7. The subscription for all sections for the year 2020/21

8. AOB – A response to the questions submitted before the meeting. 

Roger Flashman Senior Section Hon. Secretary 


President – G.Armitage
Senior Section Chairman – G.Devaney
Senior Section Treasurer – A.Q.Roberts
Senior Section Secretary – R.B.Flashman
NCA Representative – A.Blackstock
Senior Membership Secretary – Pauline Dickinson
Community Section Chairperson – L.Ridgway
Community Treasure – S.Beevers
Community Secretary – 
Cheshire Representative – 
Junior Chair – Lisa Cockburn
Mini Chair – Nigel Millington
Community Membership Sec. – Tim Kirkpatrick

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