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The Friday Feeling 21st February

Caldy’s unbeaten 2nd xv squad travel to Fylde on Saturday for their second match in the Conference competition after a strong home win against Blackburn in their first fixture. Although they won 24-14 away against Fylde in the regular season Dave Adams knows this weekend’s fixture is likely to be a significantly tougher test.

“Fylde don’t have a 1st xv game this weekend as it is designated as a ‘catch up weekend ‘for National League clubs. I expect Fylde will be playing some of their bench players from the 1st xv squad which took on Caldy last weekend so it will make the match that bit harder.”

The 2nd xv squad travelling to Fylde on Saturday is as follows:

1.Rob Harman, 2. Tom Clarke, 3. Kai William, 4. Fraser Smale, 5. Adam Kelly, 6. Ty Adams, 7. Pete Weller, 8 Dave Jones, 9. Liam Issacs, 10. Callum Bennet, 11. Alex White, 12. Matt Hooks, 13. Tommy Banks, 14. Jack Keegan, 15. Jorge Lewtas, 16. Richard Bradshaw, 17. Danny Salisbury, 18. John Broxson, 19. Ben Eves, 20. Max Doyle

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