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Preview Blackburn 2nd XV v Caldy 2nd XV

Caldy’s 2nd xv travel to Blackburn looking to keep up their strong start to the season. Caldy’s 2nd xv have started their campaign in the Cotton Traders Premier League in sparkling form with 4 straight wins including last week’s thumping 67-17 victory over Macclesfield 2nd xv with some stand out performances.

18 year old Prop Tom Clarke was a force in both the tight and the loose and a big part in a strong forward effort which stand off Alex White made the most of. His efficient use of possession gave the three quarters a great attacking platform with Mike Cartmill’s line breaks and strong running causing Macclesfield no end of problems.

Caldy’s 2nd XV forward’s coach Christian Jones explains that a strong second xv is essential for the club as a whole. “National League rugby is attritional and last season when the injuries mounted our squad depth wasn’t strong enough to keep the 1st XV in National 1. Across the senior squad we are looking to create a very positive integrated culture which can bring the players in the 2nd XV up to the level of the 1st XV. This is the only way that we can compete with those sides that can pull in a dozen players from Premiership sides. Everyone in the senior squad has bought into this and there are some very exciting young talents like Tom Clarke who is benefitting hugely from working closely with such experienced top players like Derek Salisbury. The 2nd XV are seriously talented and committed and it is just a joy to work with them”

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